Aristophanes' Clouds
Director and translator - Judith Maitland
Musical director - Philip Korn
Set designer - Joseph Buch

Sept 22nd-25th 8:15 PM
Dolphin Theatre
The University of Western Australia

For further information contact:
The Department of Classics and Ancient History
The University of Western Australia
Crawley 6009
Western Australia

This is the department's third production of a comedy of Aristophanes. In many ways, it resembles its predecessors in that the format is recognisably Greek but enlivened by wilful anachronism. The production is light in tone until the interval, which follows the induction of Pheidippides into the Thinkery. After this the mood becomes darker, and the peripeteia hinted at earlier by the clouds will be uncompromisingly portrayed. The crass violence in this part of the play will probably not have the same effect on our audience as on Aristophanes'; the director awaits the outcome with interest.