Phoenician Women in the Barbican Pit

Euripides' The Phoenician Women
Translated by David Thompson
Directed by Katie Mitchell
Performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company

Wed-Fri. at 7:15 PM
Saturday at 2:00 and 7:15 PM

The Pit
Barbican Centre
Silk Street
London EC2
Box office: +44 (0)171 638 8891


Lysistrata in Warwick

Practical Passion Presents
Aristophanes' Lysistrata
directed by Paul Atkins

The Court House
High Street Warwick

11th-13th July 1996

£6.00 (£3.00 concessions)
Tickets available from Warwick Festival
Box Office (01926) 496277/408187
or on the door


Aristophanes in Dunedin

Otago University Classics Department presents
Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae

From 24 July to 28 July 1996

The Playhouse Theatre
Albany Street

Special Rates for School Parties

Full details from the Department

Tel. +64 3 479 8709
Fax +64 3 479 9029


Athens Festival 1996

Herod Atticus Odeon
7 June-6 October
Performances at 21:00 and 20:30
Tickets available from
The Athens Festival Office
4, Stadiou Street
Tel. +30 (01) 3221459, 3223111-9 ext. 137
or from the Herod Atticus Odeon
Tel. +30 (01) 3232771
on the day of performance

* 7 and 8 July
Composed by G. Enescu
Directed by Andrei Serban
Appearances and choreography by the National Rumanian Opera

* 31 July and 1 August
Sophocles' Electra
Directed by Nikos Koundo
Music by Mikis Theodorakis


Epidavros Festival 1996

26 June to 27 August
Ancient Theater at Epidavros
Performances start at 21:00
Tickets available from:
The Athens Festival Office
4, Stadiou Street, Athens
Tel. +30 (01) 3221459, 32233111-19 ext 240
or The Ancient Theater at Epidavros
Tel. +30 (0752) 22691
Thu-Sat 09:00-13:00 and 18:00-21:00.
Advance sale of tickets begins 10 days before each event.

* July 5 and 6
Sophocles' Electra
Translated by KX Miris
Directed by Nikos Charalambous
Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Performed by the Greek National Theater

* 19 and 20 July
Euripides' Alcestis
Translated and adapted by Karolos Koun and T. Spanoudis
Directed by Giorgios Lazanis
Music by Christos Lenontis
Performed by the Art Theater

* 26 and 27 July
Sophocles' Ajax
Directed by Vassilis Papavassilios
Perforrmed by the State Theater of Northern Greece

* 2 and 3 August
Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae
Directed by Kostas Tsianos
Music by Marios Tokas
Performed by the Theater Organization of Cyprus

* 9 and 10 August
Euripides' Helen
Translated by Dimitris Dimitriades
Directed by Yiannis Houbardas
Music by Giorgios Koumentakis
Perforrmed by the Theatre of the South

* 16 and 17 August
Euripides' Ion
Translated and directed by Spiros A. Evangelatos
Music by Thanos Mikroutsikos
Performed by Amphi-Theater

* 30 and 31 August
Sophocles Oedipus Rex and Oedipus at Kolonos
Translated by Ranjit Bolt
Dirercted by Sir Peter Hall
Music by Judith Weir
Performed by the National Theatre of Great Britain


Olympus Festival 1996

All performances at 21:00 in the Ancient Theater of Zeus
For details contact the Olympus Festival Organization
Eirinis 69
601 00 Katerini
Tel. (0351) 76041
Fax (0351) 76042

* 20 July
Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannos Directed by Nikos Charalambous
Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Performed by the Theater of Athens

* 10 August
Aristophanes' Ekklesiazousae
Directed by Andreas Voutsinas
Performed by the Greek National Theater

* 14 August
Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae
Directed by Kostas Tsianos
Music by Marios Tokas
Performed by the Theater Organization of Cyprus

* 19 August
Aristophanes' Frogs
Translated by Thrasyb. Stavrou
Directed by Kharis Amanatides
Performed by Pegasus Theater

* 24 August
Sophocles' Electra
Translated by Giorgos Kheimonas
Directed by Lydia Koniondrrou
Performed by the Greek National Theater

* 7 September
Aristophanes' Lysistrata
Directed by G. Riga
Performed by the State Theater of Northern Greece


Epirotika Festival Performances at Dodona

Performances held in the Ancient Theater at Dodona
For information contact:
The Cultural Center of Ioannina
Agias Marinas 55
PO Box 1289
451 10 Ioannina
Tel: (0651) 20090
Fax: (0661) 77550

* 21 July
Aristophanes' Ekklesiazousae
Directed by Andreas Voutsinas
Performed by the Greek National Theater

* 26 July
Euripides' Alcestis
Translated and adapted by Karolos Koun and T. Spanoudis
Directed by Giorgios Lazanis
Music by Christos Lenontis
Performed by the Art Theater

* 29 August
Euripides' Helen
Translated by Dimitris Dimitriades
Directed by Yiannis Houbardas
Music by Giorgios Koumentakis
Perforrmed by the Theatre of the South

* 4 September
Euripides' Ion
Translated and directed by Spiros A. Evangelatos
Music by Thanos Mikroutsikos
Performed by Amphi-Theater


Festival of Kassandra in Epirus

For information and tickets contact: Kassandra Festival Offices Kassandreia
Epirus Greece Tel. (0374) 29997

* 21 July
Sophocles' Oedipus Tyrannos Directed by Nikos Charalambous
Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Performed by the Theater of Athens

* 3 August
Aristophanes' Ekklesiazousae
Directed by Andreas Voutsinas
Performed by the Greek National Theater

* 17 August
Aristophanes' Thesmophoriazusae
Directed by Kostas Tsianos
Music by Marios Tokas
Performed by the Theater Organization of Cyprus

* 24 August
Mendander's Epitrepontes
Performed by the Kalamata City Theater

* 28 August
Sophocles' Electra
Translated by KX Miris
Directed by Nikos Charalambous
Music by Mikis Theodorakis
Performed by the Greek National Theater

Medea in the Mirror

Medea in the Mirror
By Jose Triana
Translated by Gwynne Edwards
Presented by the Talawa Theatre Company

From 1 July 1996

Brixton Shaw Theatre
The Brix
St. Matthews
Brixton Hill
Tel. +44 (0)171 274 6470


The Wanderings of Odysseus

Odyssesy Books 9-12
translated by Allen Mandelbaum
directed by Murray Ross
featuring John O'Keefe as Odysseus

July 10-27

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7:00pm - US$12 Adults/$10 Students and Seniors
Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00pm - $15 Adults/$12 Students and Seniors
Sunday Matinees at 2:00pm - $12 Adults/$10 Students and Seniors

Smokebrush Theater
235 South Nevada Ave
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

For more information contact
Smokebrush Theater


Winter in Western Australia

This June and July, Judith Maitland will direct two productions; the first
is by invitation, for the Graduate Dramatic society and is to be Euripides'
Medea. In July, the Department of Classics and Ancient history at the
University of Western Australia will present their annual comedy,
Aristophanes' Lysistrata.

Direction and translation: Judith Maitland
Music: Philip Korn

The players will be masked and the chorus will comprise six members and a
chorus leader.

Director: Judith Maitland
Translation: John Melville Jones
Crudification: Judith Maitland
Music: Philip Korn
Choreography of a kind: Judith Maitland

Fast, funny, rude and filled with music.

For further information contact Judith Maitland


The Oedipus Plays

Oedipus the King and Oedipus at Colonus
In a new translation by Ranjit Bolt
Directed by Peter Hall
Featuring Alan Howard

Royal National Theatre
In Repertoire from 7 September

Matinees £6.50, Evenings £8.50
Discounts for school/student groups of 12 or more

Box Office +44 (0)171 928 2252


Medea in St. Andrews

Euripides' Medea

9 September

14:30 and 20:00

Crawford Arts Centre
93 North St.
St. Andrews
KY16 9AL
Tel. +44 (0)1334 474 610

Oedipus in Durban

Sophocles' Oedipus the King
presented by the Nexus Theatre Group

1-4 July 1996
6:30 PM

Open Air Theatre
University of Natal
Durban, South Africa

7-10 July
Grahamstown Festival
Durban, South Africa

Tickets R14 Adults R10 Students

For further information contact
Jonathan Cole
Department of Classics
University of Natal
Private Bag X10
South Africa
Tel: +27 +31 260 2312
Fax: +27 +31 260 2698


Old Comedy


A comical conference

10-12 September 1996

Gordon Square, London WC1

(Changes may be made to this programme. Papers will be 20 or 30 mins. long,
with 10 mins. discussion. Further information from David Harvey at the above

* Tuesday 10 Sept.
o Session 1: ESTABLISHING THE TEXT (chairman: Peter Parsons,
+ Geoffrey Arnott (Leeds): On editing fragments preserved in
literary texts
+ Eric Handley (Cambridge): Mind the Gap: on restoring papyrus
o Session 2: POETRY & LANGUAGE (chairman: Nan Dunbar, Oxford):
+ Sir Kenneth Dover (St Andrews): Linguistic innovation in Old
+ Michael Silk (London): Aristophanes versus the rest: comic
poetry in Old Comedy
+ Bernhard Zimmermann (Duesseldorf): Lyric in the fragments of
Old Comedy
o Session 3: FOOD, DRINK & OTHER GOODIES (chairman: Andrew Dalby,
+ Dwora Gilula (Jerusalem): On Hernippos' catalogue of goods
(fr. 63 KA)
+ John Wilkins (Exeter): Edible choruses
+ Nick Fisher (Cardiff): Symposiasts & other drinkers
-- followed by a BUFFET

* Wednesday 11 Sept.
o Session 4: 'EUPOLIS ATQUE CRATINUS ...' (chairman: Albio Cassio,
+ Wolfgang Luppe (Halle): Aristophanes on Kratinos & Kratinos
on Aristophanes
+ Ralph Rosen (Pennsylvania): Kratinos' Pytine & the
construction of the comic self
+ Thonas Braun (Oxford): Eupolis & the glorification of the
recent past
+ Ian Storey (Trent Univ., Ontario): Problems in Eupolis' Demoi
+ Alan Sommerstein (Nottingham): Eupolis, Plato & the
o Session 5: SEX & GENDER (chairman: Paul Cartledge, Cambridge):
+ Edith Hall (Oxford): Configurations of gender in Old Comedy
beyond Aristophanes
+ Stephen Halliwell (St Andrews): Sexual satire in the
fragments of Old Comedy
+ Jeffrey Henderson (Boston): Pherekrates A the women of Old
* Thursday 12 Sept.
o Session 6: MYTHOPOETICS: (chairman: Richard Seaford, Exeter):
+ Angus Bowie (Oxford): Myth & ritual in Old Comedy
+ Ian Ruffell (Oxford): 'The world turned upside down':
Utopianism and fragmented fantasy
o Session 7: THE PLOTS THICKEN (chairman: Christopher Carey, London)
+ Nick Lowe (London): Comic plots & the invention of fiction
+ Keith Sidwell (Maynooth): The nature of Old & Middle Comedy:
the external evidence
o Session 8: THEATRE & PRODUCTION (chairman: Peter Brown, Oxford):
+ Lore Benz (Freiburg): Old comedy & improvised theatre
+ James Davidson (London): Another world, another stage:
classical paignia?
+ Martin Revermann (Oxford): Aspects of stagecraft & dramatic
+ Oliver Taplin (Oxford): Fragmentary evidence for a united

(53 Thornton Hill, Exeter, Devon, EX4 4NR, UK, tel. (011-44-392) 54068. The
University of Wales Institute of Classics & Ancient History and the London
Classical Society in Association with the Institute of Classical Studies)


Edinburgh Fringe

Classical and Classically-inspired plays at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

* Elektra-La-La
* If I Am Medea
* Pygmalion / Metamorphoses
* Mrs Sorken-Medea-Titanic by Christopher Durang
* The Oresteia
* Persians
* The Phoenician Women
* Antigone (Guildbury)
* Antigone (20 To)
* Antigone in a version by Bertolt Brecht


Antigone in New Zealand

Sophocles' Antigone
translated by David Stuttard
directed by Lucette Hindin
performed by the University of Canterbury Drama Society

August 30 - September 6
2pm and 8pm

Ngaio Marsh Theatre
University of Canterbury Students' Association
90 Ilam Rd

Tickets: students, unwaged NZ$7; other NZ$10; school or group bookings NZ$5.

For futher information contact:
Katherine Coleman Tel. 64-3-3435357 or 021 66 3767
Lucette Hindin Tel. 64-3-3519955
Fax 64-3-3519991


Call for Papers: Translation Conference

True to Form: On Stage Translation


A three-day international conference that brings together practitioners and
academics to debate seminal issues surrounding translation for the theatre.

12-14 September 1997

Department of Drama
University of Hull

Suggested topics include:

The integrity of the text
Cultural and political identities
Performance dynamics
Contemporary practice

Proposals (max. 1000 words) should be sent by post to:
Carole-Anne Upton
Department of Drama
University of Hull, Hull

or e-mailed to

Deadline for submissions: 14th December 1996

For further details please contact Paula Holdstock Dept. of Drama University
of Hull Hull HU6 7RX UK Tel. +44 (0)1482-466210 Fax: +44 (0)1482-466210


Call for Papers: Thessaloniki

Millennium Responses: (Dis)Placing Classical Greek Theatre

International Theatre Conference

September 18-22, 1997

Aristotle University

Since the early 17th century, when the 'battle of the books' began (La
wuerelle des anciens et des modernes), the question has always been more or
less the same: what is our relationship with ancient Greek drama? In what
ways is Greek tragedy (or comedy) related to our times and interests? Can it
be reconstructed, and at what price? Is teh concept ofits 'universality'
viable as a Greek dramatic discourse in a world of postmodern explosions and
implosions, of constant dis-placements and re-placements, of severe
questioning of Eurocentric ideals and discourses? Can it in any way
participate constructively in contemporary theoretical debate?

With tehse questions in mind, the Theatre Sector of teh Department of
English, School of Philosoph of Aristotle University has decided, in
collaboration with teh International Federation for Theatre Research, and
under the auspices of 'Thessaloniki: CUltural Capital of EUrope--1997,' to
organize this international conference in the hope of bringing together
scholars from various fields as well as dramatists and theatre practitioners
in an open debate about the position of ancient Greek drama in a rapidly
changing postmodern society. We thus invite papers which focus on such
issues as:

* Ancient Greek drama and postmodernist aesthetics
* The Greek ideal and the 'Other'
* Eurocentrism and orientalism
* High and low culture
* Socio-cultural, ideological and political mediations
* Feminism and the Classics
* Staging the classics/appropriations/reconstructions/adaptations
* Greek classics and interculturalism

We are open to further suggestions for the organization of special workshops
or thematic units. Selected papers presented at the conference will be


Greek, English, and French (plenary sessions will have simultaneous


$70 or equivalent in any EC currency. This includes registration, congress
materials, cocktail reception and a dinner. To pay your fees before January
1997, send a bank money order made out to Elizabeth Sakellaridou and/or
Savas Patsalidis. For later registration (until 31 March 1997) there will be
an extra charge of $20.


Participants should send the title and an abstract of about 200 words in any
of the three official languages to the organizing committee:

Prof. Elizabeth Sakellaridou and/or Professor Savas Patsalidis
School of English
Faculty of Philosophy
Aristotle University
54006 Thessaloniki
Tel. +31 997424
Fax +31 997461

For workshops, please contact Dr. Olga Taxidou
Depart6ment of English Literature
University of Edinburgh
David Hume Tower
George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9JX
Tel. +44 (0)131 650 1000
Fax +44 (0)131 650 6898

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1 December, 1996


Call for Papers: Saskatchewan

'Crossing the Stages: The Production, Performance and Reception of Ancient

Deadline for Submissions: 1 October 1996

Submissions should be no more than 800 words in length and can be in
electronic or printed form. Please send them to Professor John Porter at the
address below.

Graduate students are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please contact:

Professor John Porter
Department of Classics
University of Saskatchewan
9 Campus Drive
Saskatoon, SK

Phone: +1 (306) 966-4781
Fax: +1 (306) 966-8839

or visit the conference's WWW site at:


HOMEROS Theatre Antigone

The HOMEROS Theatre presents:

Sophocles' Antigone
in the original Greek
directed by Arne Sybren Postma

29 and 30 November, 1996

The Hague

For further information contact:
Arne Sybren Postma
Rijn en Schiekade 104
2311 AR Leiden
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)715142974


Ancient Comic Opera Company's Clouds still playing:

Aristophanes' Clouds
Translated and adapted by A.C.O.C.'s founder and artistic director Greg


At the Poor Alex Theatre in downtown Toronto
296 Brunswick Avenue (just west of Bloor and Spadina)

Tuesday through Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday at 2:30 p.m.


from $11.00 (two for $22 summer special on Sundays) to $32.00 for adults on

(Prices include GST.)



+1 416-944-2329 or 1-800-689-3579 from outside Toronto

Or E-mail the Poor Alex Theatre:



Rotterdamse Schouwburg 1996/97

* 21 and 22 October 1996
Aeschylus' Prometheus
Directed by Titus Muizelaar
Presented by the Toneelgroep Amsterdam

* 9 and 10 January
Euripides' Ion
Directed by Ger Thijs
Presented by Het Nationale Toneel

* 11 and 12 February
Euripides' Trojan Women
Directed by Johan Simons Presented by Het Zuidlelijk Toneel

All performances at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg
Schouwburgplein 25
3012 CL Rotterdam
Tel. +31 (0)10 40 44 111
Box Office: +31 (0)10 411 811 0
Fax: +31 (0)10 413 24 04


Antigone Video from Australia

* The uncut premire production of the new, accurate and actable
translation by Michael Ewans for the Everyman Classics series
* A production designed to explore the ways in which Sophokles originally
staged his drama; performed in a replica of the Greek theatre shape,
this staging respects and re-creates the original conventions of
ancient Athenian staging and performance
* A production which brings out the intense emotional reality of
Sophokles' drama, by performing it in modern dress, set in Sarajevo,
Bosnia in 1994.
* Performed by students from the Departments of Drama and Classics at the
University of Newcastle, Australia under the direction of Associate
Professor Michael Ewans, a world authority on Greek tragedy and its
* Filmed to broadcast quality by professional cinematographer Robert
Alcock from the Department of Communication and Media Arts
* Introduction and Afterword by the director/translator

An ideal complement to University and School study of Greek Tragedy

PAL version
$A35 + p+p $5
$NZ 54 including air mail p + p
£25 including air mail p + p

NTSC version
$US 40 including air mail p + p
$CAN 50 including air mail p + p

To order, send a cheque in any of these currencies, made payable to
University of Newcastle (Antigone video) to

Antigone video
Department of Drama
University of Newcastle
NSW 2308 Australia

For further information contact Michael Ewans


Agamemnon 2

a reworking of Aeschylus' Agamemnon and Choephori
by Bulgaria's Homonculus Theatre

September 3 and 4
7:30 PM

Tickets £5, concessions £3

Cochrane Theatre
Southampton Row
London WC1
Box Office: +44 (0)171 242 7040


No Sex in Finsbury Park

Lysistrata (Or, No Sex, No War)
August 31, September 3-7
7:00 PM

Tickets £5.50, concessions £3.30

The Pit
Finsbury Park
London N1
Tel. +44 (0)181 341 4421


Aias in Newcastle

Sophokles' Aias
translated and directed by Michael Ewans

University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

5-17 March 1997

This is the world premiere of the new Everyman translation. For further
information contact Michael Ewans. Full details will be available in
November 1996.


Oedipus Revival in Stratford, Ontario

Sophocles' Oedipus Rex
Adapted by W. B. Yeats

1997 Season (12 May-9 November)

Festival Theatre
55 Queen Street
Stratford, Ontario
Canada N5A 6V2

The late season operner at the Festival Theatre will be a re-creation of the
original 1954 Stratford production of Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, which was
directed by Tyrone Guthrie and designed by Tanya Moiseiwitsch, who is also
consulting on the renovation to the Festival Theatre Auditorium.

For further details consult the Stratford Festival Web Page
Or contact Karen Scholz
Media Relations Manager
Tel. +1 (519) 271-0055 x297

Aeneid Reading

The Le Moyne Classics Society in conjunction with the Le Moyne Jubilee
Academic Programming Subcommittee announces the first in the Jubilee
Classics Series, a marathon reading in English of Vergilís Aeneid.

The event will take place at the Firehouse Theater on Saturday, September 28
beginning at 11:00 AM and will continue until completion (approximately
12:00 midnight).

The *Aeneid* is the Roman national epic written by the poet Vergil (70 BC-19
BC). It tells of the wanderings of the Trojan hero Aeneas, whom the Romans
regarded as the founder of their race, and is considered one of the most
influential works of ancient literature. Ancient poetry and epic were often
publically presented by their authors, but in the modern world such works
are rarely experienced by a live audience. This event attempts to recreate
that sense of living classical poetry by a reading of the whole *Aeneid*
from beginning to end.

Our readers include both Le Moyne faculty and students, and as an added
bonus two high school instructors from our local Latin teachers' group ATLAS
(Association of Teachers of Latin Around Syracuse) will also participate.
One of them will be asssisted by some of her Latin IV students in reading
Book 3.

Free refreshments will be available throughout the event.

Free pizza will be served after the reading of Book 6 (about 5:00 PM).

For further information please contact: John M. McMahon
LeMoyne College
Syracuse, NY 13214-1399
+1 (315) 445-4730


Helen in London

Euripides' Helen
The Courtyard
York Way
London N1

1-5 October, 1996
8:00 PM

Tickets £7.00; £5.00 concessions

Box office: +44 (0)171 833 0870


Greek National Theater Elektra in NYC

Sophocles' Elektra,
in a new and critically acclaimed production by the National Theater of
In Greek, with English supertitles
Starring Lydia Koniordou

September 25-27 at 8:00 PM
September 28 at 1:30 and 8:30 PM
September 29 at 3:00 PM

Tickets US$15-$55

City Center
131 W. 55th St.
New York, NY
Tel +1 (212) 581-1212

[Lydia will also be giving a lecture, 'Elektra on Elektra,' Tuesday October
1, 7:30 pm, at the Cantor Center, New York University, 36 E. 8th St., Room



Euripides' Hippolytus
Adapted by Everett Quinton of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company

Through 29 September
Thurs.-Sat. at 8:00 PM, Sun. at 7:00 PM

Tickets: US$20

Theater for the New City
155 First Ave. at 10th St.
New Yor, NY
Box Office: +1 (212) 307-4100



Through 6 October 1996
Thurs.-Sat. at 7:30 PM, Sun. at 4:00 PM

Tickets US$10

Nuyorican Poet's Cafe
236 E. 3rd St.
New York, NY
Box Office: +1 (212) 505-8183


Actors of Dionysus Autumn Tour

Euripides' Medea
translated and directed by David Stuttard
performed by the Actors of Dionysus


* 5 September, 7:30 PM
Chapel Studio Theatre, Lord Mayor's Walk, York
Tel. +44 (0)1904 616 808

* 6 September, 7:30 PM
Hutcheson's Grammar School, Glasgow
Tel. +44 (0)141 423 2933

* 7 September, 7:30 PM
Glenalmond College, Perth
Tel. +44 (0)1738 880 205

* 9 September, 2:30 and 8:30 PM
Crawford Centre, St. Andrews
Tel. +44 (0)1334 474 610

* 10 September, 7:30 PM
Merchiston Castle School, Colinton, Edinburgh
Tel. +44 (0)131 441 1722

* 11 September, 7:30 PM
Macrobert Arts Centre, Studio Theatre, Stirling
Tel. +44 (0)1786 461 081

* 16 September, 7:30 PM
Merchant Taylors' School, Middlesex
Tel. +44 (0)1923 820 644

* 17 September, 7:30 PM
Macready Theatre, Rugy
Tel. +44 (0)1788 543 465

* 18 September, 7:30 PM
Uppingham School, Oakham, Leicestershire
Tel. +44 (0)1572 823 318

* 19 September, 7:30 PM
Blackfriars Arts Centre, Boston, Lincolnshire
Tel. +44 (0)1205 363 108

* 20 September, 8:00 PM
The Aston Theatre, Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury
Tel. +44 (0)1743 243 107

* 23 September, 7:30 PM
Queen Elizabeth High School, Hexham
Tel. +44 (0)1434 605 211

* 24 September, 8:30 PM
Queen Margaret's School, Escrick, York
Tel. +44 (0)1904 728 261

* 25 September, 7:30 PM
The Square Chapel, Halifax
Tel. +44 (0)1422 348 422

* 26 September, 2:15 PM
Westonbirt School, Gloucestershire
Tel. +44 (0)1666 880 333

* 27 September, 7:30 PM
The King's School, Worcester
Tel. +44 (0)1905 23016

* 30 September, 7:30 PM
Marlborough College, Wiltshire
Tel. +44 (0)1672 515 511


* 1 October, 7:30 PM
Queen Elizabeth's Hospital, Bristol
Tel. +44 (0)1179 250 551

* 2 October, 7:30 PM
Ursuline College, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent
Tel. +44 (0)1843 832 441

* 3 October, 7:30 PM
Christ's Hospital, Horsham, W. Sussex
Tel. +44 (0)1403 252 709

* 4 October, 4:00 PM
Gresham's Studio Theatre, Gresham's School, Norfolk
Tel. +44 (0)1263 713 271

* 5 October, 7:30 PM
Priory School, Lewes, E. Sussex
Tel. +44 (0)1273 476 231

* 7 October, 7:30 PM
Wellingborough School, Wellingborough
Tel. +44 (0)1933 222 427

* 8 October, 7:30 PM
St. Martin's School, Solihull
Tel. +44 (0)121 705 1265

* 9 October, 2:00 PM
Merchant Taylors' School for Girls, Liverpool
Tel. +44 (0)151 924 3140

* 9 October, 8:00 PM
William Hulme's Grammar School, Manchester
Tel. +44 (0)161 226 2054

* 10 October, 4:30 PM
Stow School, Buckinghamshire
Tel. +44 (0)1280 813 164

* 11 October, 8:30 PM
Maltings Arts Theatre, St. Albans
Tel. +44 (0)1727 844 222

* 14 October, 7:30 PM
St. Luke's Theatre, Exter
Tel. +44 (0)1392 264 202

* 15 October, 8:00 PM
The Perse School, Cambridge
Tel. +44 (0)1223 568 300

* 16 October, 2:00 PM
Old Palace School, Croydon
Tel. +44 (0)181 688 2027

* 16 October, 8:00 PM
James Allen's Girls School, London SE 21
Tel. +44 (0)181 693 1181

* 17 October, 7:45 PM
Queen's Hall, Cranbrook School, Kent
Tel. +44 (0)1580 712 163 Ext. 52

* 18 October, 7:30 PM
Bryanston Arts Centre, Blandford Forum
Tel. +44 (0)1258 456 533

28 October to 16 November

Performances 8:00 PM; Wednesday matinees at 2:00 PM
Workshops Tuesdays and Fridays at 4:00 (except 29 October)
'Classic Clips' Mondays and Thursdays at 4:30 PM (except 28 October

Turtle Key Arts Center
74a Farm Lane
London SW6 1QA
Tel. +44 (0)171 385 4905

Pre-Performance talks are listed with Conferences and Resources.

Tickets: £8.00; concessions £5.50.


* 18 November, 7:30 PM
Huntington School, York
Tel. +44 (0)1904 760 167

* 20 November, 7:30 PM
Bury Grammar School, Lancashire
Tel. +44 (0)1258 456 533

For further information contact:
The Actors of Dionysus
26, Charlton Street
York YO2 1JN
Tel./Fax. +44 (0)1904 642 912


Medea, The Musical


Through 13 October

Stage Door Theatre
420 Mason Street
San Francisco, CA
Box Office Tel. +1 (415) 433-9500

For details see the website at: or contact:
Bob Fisher


Oresteia Reading

The department of Speech and Drama at The University of South Carolina with
be holding an all day reading of Peter Meineck's new translation of The
Oresteia on Friday 18th October 1997 in the Longstreet Theatre on the USC
campus in Columbia, South Carolina.

The program will run approx. as follows:

* 10.00am Agamemnon and discussion
* 12:00 pm Lunch
* 1.00pm Libation Bearers
* 2.15pm Break/discussion
* 2.45pm Eumenides
* 4.00pm End

Both Peter Meineck and Robert Richmond, the Aquila Theatre Company's
Artistic Director, will be in attendance and the work will be read by
students and faculty in Drama at USC. Refreshments will be served.

Audience are invited to attend any part of the above program. There will be
no charge for admission.

Further information for Aquila Productions at 803 251 0368.


Greek in Oxford

Stephen Berkoff's Greek
A remaking of Sophocles tragedy

Tuesday 19-Saturday 23 November, 1996

Burton-Taylor Theatre
Box Office: +44 (0)1865 798 600


Orestes in Alberta

Abbedam Productions Presents:
Euripides' *Orestes*

20-23 November, 1996
8:00 PM; Saturday matinee 2:00 PM

Tickets CAN$6.00
Preview 19 November CAN$3.00

The Second Playing Space
Rm 111, Timms Centre of the Arts
University of Alberta Campus
87 Avenue & 112 Street,
Edmonton, Alberta
Box office: +1 (403) 492-2495

For further information contact
Alex Hawkins (


Plautus and Euripides in Western Canada

* Plautus' Asinaria
translated by Peter L. Smith
directed by C.W. Marshall

University of Victoria Campus
Victoria, BC March, 1997

* Euripides' Helen translated and directed by C. W. Marshall
performed by the United Players

Vancouver, BC June, 1997

Further details will appear when available. Please direct queries to C.W.
Marshall: Toph@UVic.Ca


Hecuba in Peterborough

Euripides' Hecuba translated by C.W. Marshall
directed by Martin Boyne

March, 1997

'The Pit'
Lady Eaton College
Main Campus of Trent University
Peterborough, Ontario

Further details available from Martin Boyne
E-mail: MBoyne @TrentU.Ca.


APA Positions for Classicists Online

The APA Placement Service's 'Positions for Classicists' is now available via
the WWW at:


Computers and Classics Post

The University of Texas at Austin invites applications for a position of
Social Science/Humanities Research Associate III to supervise the
undergraduate student-related activities mainly of the departments of
Classics and Philosophy with regard to the application of computer
technology. Position to begin February 1, 1997. Candidate should have
experience and real interest in the application of computer technology in
teaching and instruction in labs and classroom situations. Macintosh
hardware and software knowledge and experience essential.

Preferred candidates will have, or be in final stages of, a Ph.D. in
Classics and/or Classical Archaeology broadly defined. Understanding of
classroom instruction and interest in new technologies and pedagogy also
preferred. Appointee will become a key staff member of the College of
Liberal Arts and will work within a department of 24.5 full-time faculty, 40
graduate students and 65 undergraduate majors that teaches ca. 7000 students
per year in Classical languages, history, literature and culture. The
department of Classics at UT Austin has long been an innovator in computer
applications for instruction in the Classics. If the appointee is
interested, there is a possibility that s/he may be able to teach an
occasional course in order to build up his/her resume in teaching to
complement the full experience to be gained in computer applications, all
with a view to eventual placement in an academic position. Targeted salary
$25,000 per year with benefits. The department will be interviewing for this
position in New York. Please send curriculum vitae and letter describing
computer experience and interests to:

Prof. Andrew Riggsby
Search Committee (Computer)
Department of Classics
WAG 123,
University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX 78712-1181

The University of Texas at Austin is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity


Add Your Pictures to Perseus

The Perseus Project has set up an experimental system for adding outside
pictures to its image database. If you have pictures of Greek or Roman
sites, builidngs, sculpture, vases, coins, or other objects, and you have
the pictures up on the Web (i.e. you can send us a URL for the picture),
mail me and I'll give you an account to add to our database.

You can either add a reference to your picture (i.e. users of Perseus will
see links to pictures on your server) or submit the picture itself, in which
case we'll archive the picture on our server. Once you have an account,
there's a simple HTML form to fill out and your pictures will be instantly
folded into the Perseus database. To see how your pictures will show up on
existing Perseus catalog entries, check out this URL:,+Acropolis+698

If you have a large number of images on the web, you'll probably find that
fill out the form for each image is tedious. In that case, drop me a line
and we can talk about transferring your URLs as one big file.

I hope to hear from you soon,

David A. Smith
Perseus Project
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155
Tel. +1 (617) 627-3830
Fax: +1 (617) 627-3032


The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama

The Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, under the joint
direction of Oliver Taplin and Edith Hall, is a multi-disciplined research
venture dedicated to establishing an international performance history of
classical drama on the modern stage. Based at Oxford University's European
Humanities Research Centre, the Archive will employ a powerful relational
database in its compilation of a thoroughly cross-referenced register of
these performances, from the Renaissance to the present day. In conjunction
with this electronically stored performance history, the Archive will
include a significant holding of published and unpublished documentation
pertaining to ancient drama on the modern stage. In the new year the Archive
will be issuing a call for information and materials relevant to the

For further information contact the Archive's Researcher, David Gowen


New York Greek Drama Company Videos

Euripides' Bacchae

A Co-Production of the New York Greek Drama Co. and the China National
Beijing-Opera Theater
in Chinese and ancient Greek, with English subtitles

with Jiang Qihu, Kong Xinyuan, Zhou Long, and chorus and musicians of the
China National Beijing-Opera Theater.

Conceived and produced by Peter Steadman, directed for stage by Chen
Shizheng, Chinese translation by Qi Xiaoyun adapted for stage by Xu Yun,
English translation from the Greek by Peter Steadman, music by Eve
Beglarian, masks and scenic design by Huang Haiwei, costumes by Ma Shumin,
directed for video by Amadeo D'Adamo, associate producer Zhang Xiaoming.

VHS, 90 min. color, stereo
ISBN 1-877601-10-5
Library, classroom, closed-circuit TV license, US $129.00

Euripides' Medea, 1986

directed by Peter Steadman
in ancient Greek with English subtitles
110 min. color, mono
library, classroom and closed-circuit TV license $95.50

Songs of Sappho, 1988

Six poems by Sappho realized for movement and voice
in ancient Greek with English subtitles
with Andrea Goodman and the chorus of the New York Greek Drama Co
24 min. color stereo re-edited second edition (forthcoming this Spring)
ISBN 1-877601-06-1
library, classroom and closed-circuit TV license, $59.50

Order From:

New York Greek Drama Co.
25 Commerce St.
New York NY 10014
Tel. +1(212) 627-2786
Fax +1 (212) 645-3097

Please make checks payable to New York Greek Drama Co.
Institutional purchase orders accepted
Foreign orders please specify desired format (NTSC, Secam, or PAL)
Shipping and handling $3.00


Call for Papers: Graduate Students' Conference

Viva Voce: Echoes of Performance in the Ancient Text

February 7-8, 1997

Brown University
Providence RI.

The aim of this conference is to reassess the performative quality of Greek
and Roman texts, and map its extension into other modes of discourse, other
cultural institutions, and even into the medium of the text, where
performance is usually said to come to an end. In so doing we hope to
refocus our attentions on the power performance exerted over its ancient
audiences and improve our appreciation of this aspect of the works.

We invite submissions which deal with a range of issues starting from, but
not limited to, the following: criteria for distinguishing the performative
quality of the texts; the place and power of performance in philosophy, in
oratory; the ideology and ritual which underlie and accompany performance;
settings for performance other than the theater; and finally, the transition
from performance to writing. In addition to panel discussions on these and
similar topics, we will also hold a roundtable devoted to one or two
questions of broader interest.

3 copies of one-page abstracts, anonymous but with cover letter indicating
name, address, affiliation, and paper title, should be sent by October 15,
1996, to Viva Voce Abstracts, c/o Dept. of Classics, Box 1856, Brown
University, Providence RI, 02912-1856. Questions may be sent via e-mail to

A fuller HTML version of this Call for Papers can be found at


International Colloquium on Aristophanes


November 26-30, 1997

(Director: Dr. Antonio Lopez Eire)
Department of Classical Philology and Indo-European
University of Salamanca

Speakers include: E. Degani (Univ. of Bolonia), Luis Gil Fernandez (Univ.
Complutense of Madrid), J.M. Labiano Ilundain (Univ. of Salamanca), Antonio
Lopez Eire (Univ. of Salamanca), J.A. Lopez Ferez (U.N.E.D.), G. Mastromarco
(Univ. of Bari), A. Melero (Univ. of Valencia), M. Menu (Univ. of Toulouse),
Ignacio Rodriguez Alfageme (Univ. Complutense of Madrid), A. Sommerstein
(Univ. of Nottingham), M. Fatima Sousa Silva (Univ. of Coimbra), E. Suarez
de la Torre (Univ. of Valladolid) and P. Thiercy (C.E.R.T.A., and Univ. of

Next to a specific section dedicated to the Ancient Greek Comedy, the
generic title of 'Society, Politics, and Literature', will open the doors to
papers and communications about everything referring to the life of the
polis and other literary genres, since Ancient Greek Comedy is in no way a
genre closed in itself.

For more information or clarification, you may contact:
Juan Miguel Labiano Ilundain
Departamento de Filologia Clasica e Indoeuropeo
Facultad de Filologia, Universidad de Salamanca
Plaza de Anaya s/n
Tel.: (923) 29-44-45, ext. 1703
Fax: (923) 29-45-09

Or investigate our Web Page: