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eventname: HIPPOLYTUS - Bradfield Greek Play 2000
eventtype: Play performed in ancient greek
contactname: The Box Office
address: Bradfield, BERKSHIRE, RG7 6AR
telephone: 0118 964 4839
fax: 0118 964 4511


Director - Edward Balfour


Sat 20th May Mon 22nd May Tue 23rd May Wed 24th May Thu 25th May Fri 26th May (special performance!)


All performances start at 8pm, last about two and a quarter hours and have no interval.


Hippolytus will be performed in Bradfield’s unique open-air Greek Theatre.



Go to Hippolytus is the thirty-fourth Bradfield Greek play. It has always been the aim that our audiences leave the theatre feeling they know in essence what the Greek audiences of 2500 years ago saw and heard. We also try to avoid an over-literal approach. The original Greek, vivid spectacle, and authentic costume designs are backed by contemporary music and choreography. This production of Hippolytus is an ideal introduction to the traditions of Greek Theatre; a must for all students of Classics and Theatre Studies. For a review of Oedipus 1997: For details about how to get to Bradfield:


Jon Goddard Past student and son of Publicity Manager, Anne Goddard.

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