Panel Discussion

Electra: Practice and Performance: II

Biographies of Panel Contributors

David Wiles is Professor of Theatre at Royal Holloway College, University of London. His recent publications include The Masks of Menander: Sign and Meaning in Greek and Roman Performance (Cambridge, 1991), Tragedy in Athens: Performance Space and Theatrical Meaning (Cambridge, 1997) and Greek Theatre Performance (Cambridge, 2000).

Simon Goldhill is Reader in Greek literature and culture at the University of Cambridge. He wrote the seminal Reading Greek Tragedy (1986), which applied modern critical theory to ancient Greek dramatic texts. Recent publications include Performance Culture and Athenian Democracy (Cambridge, 1999, co-edited with Robin Osborne) and Who Needs Greek?: Contests in the Cultural History of Hellenism (Cambridge, 2002).

Michael Walton is Professor of Drama at the University of Hull and Director of the Performance Translation Centre. He edits the Methuen Classical Greek Plays series and has published widely on Greek drama, including Greek Theatre Practice (2nd edition, Methuen, 1991) and The Greek Sense of Theatre: Tragedy Reviewed (Methuen, 1984).

Paul Cartledge is Professor of Ancient Greek History at the University of Cambridge. He writes on Greek politics, culture, economics and society and is currently preparing a book on the political thought of the Greeks from Homer to Plutarch. His recent publications include The Greeks: A Portrait of Self and Others (Oxford, 1993) and The Greeks: Crucible of Civilisation (2001), the companion volume to a major American television series.

Adrian Poole is Reader in Comparative Literature and Drama in the Faculty of English, University of Cambridge. His publications include Tragedy: Shakespeare and the Greek Example (Oxford, 1987) and The Oxford Book of Classical Verse in Translation (1995). He is currently working on two book projects, on Shakespeare and the Victorians, and on Witnessing Tragedy.