Erika Fischer-Lichte

Board Member

Prof. Dr. Erika Fischer-Lichte
Free University of Berlin
Institute for Theatre Studies
Grunewaldstr. 35
12165 Berlin
Tel. 838 503-15

Since 1990, Prof. Fischer-Lichte has been Professor of Theatre Studies at the Free University of Berlin, where she directs the Institute for Theatre Studies. Professor Fischer-Lichte is also the Chair of the German Society for Semiotics, President of the (German) Society for Theatre Studies, and German Member of the Standing Committee for the Humanities and European Science Foundation for Theatre Research. She has published numerous monographs and articles, principally on the semiotics of theatre, and also studies of Kleist's Michael Kohlhaas and Prinz Friedrich von Homburg. In 1990, she edited, with Josephine Riley and Michael Gissenwehrer, The Dramatic Touch of Difference: Theatre, Own and Foreign (Gunter Narr Verlag, Tübingen), which includes significant essays for the study of ancient theatre in contemporary performance. More recently, in 1997, Prof. Fischer-Lichte published The Show and the Gaze of Theatre: A European Perspective (University of Iowa Press).