Guidelines for Listings Editors

General Notes

  • Listings are given in reverse chronological order (i.e. with the most recent first).
  • Dates always refer to date of first performance.
  • Review files are saved to the Reviews folder, and named as follows: YYMMDD##, where ## is the file number for that date. (e.g. The review file for a production opening on 12 August 2001 will be: 01081201.html. A second production opening on the same date will be 01081202.html.)
  • The "from" date on the Past Productions Index page, and at the top of each Past Productions Page corresponds to the earliest date of first performance listed on that page.
  • When a Past Productions Page acquires c.10 items, it is 'closed' and a new page opened and added to the Past Productions Index.

  • Structure *

    Field 1: Play and Author
    Field 2: Date, Time, Venue
    Field 3: Credits
    Field 4: Further Details (participants; description
    Field 4.1 Booking Information / Contact Details
    Field 4.2 Links
    Field 5: 'Write a Review' link
    Field 6: 'Read Reviews' link

    * Fields 1, 2 and 5 are essential. Omit fields 3, 4, 6 where information does not exist.


    1. Name of Play by Author (Ancient Play by Ancient Author)
    2. # (Month) - # Month YYYY, #am. Venue, City, Country
    3. Written by Name Name. Directed and designed by Name Name.
    4. Further details
    5. Write a Review (<-- hyperlink to reviewform.html).
    6. Read Reviews (<-- hyperlink to any available reviews).


    Giants by Sabata (Antigone by Sophocles)
    10 - 21 July 2001, 8pm. Nico Malan Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa
    Written by Sabata. Directed and designed by Warrick Grier. Music by Sabata.
    This is an adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone. It conflates the story of Antigone with Hodova, an African legend.
    Booking (Cape Town) 445 17032
    Write a Review
    Read Reviews


    Future Plans

    A 'Search' function which applies only to the listings and reviews pages will be added .

    It should also be possible to add a function enabling contributors to write reviews directly to web ('form-to-web'). For the time being, a form-to-email is used.