Recreating The Theatre of Dionysos in Athens

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This page focuses on the Theatre of Dionysos in Athens, supplementing the simple drawings on the Greek Stagecraft page with images created with state-of- the-art computer graphics software. The images currently available on this site are the beginning of a comprehensive reconstruction, and represent several days' worth of hard work. While they are an indication of the style and quality of that which is to come, we need your feedback and comments for further development and increased accuracy.

Entrance to the Theatre of Dionysos

Because images can get quite large and slow down the access to the pages here it has been broken down in various sections so as to provide flexible and fast network transfers.

How these images were created

A description of the process of re-creating the theater using 3D computer graphics. This section will also provide a number of small progressive images showing the various phases and stages during the actual 3D reconstruction.

Other 3D Reconstructions

Links to sites which are currently involved in producing 3D recreations of various theaters.